What is Amie Alissa Design all about?

Slow Fashion | Conscious Consumption

Amie Alissa Design brand is a sustainable and eco-centric fashion design business that primarily focuses on reflecting issues and supporting local and national conservation and charity work within environmental, cultural and sometimes political entities. We provide a service to educate on reusing, recycling and reducing our waste and negative affect on the planet. 

Climate Change & Amie Alissa Design Brand

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Circular Fashion

A brand actively seeking ways to help make a difference, be it altering clothes for someone to rewear or sharing important climate change matters, Amie Alissa has 20 years experience in the fashion and textiles arena, including working as a lecturer for 10 years… now using her teaching and supportive skills to nurture others, whilst the brand works tirelessly gathering knowledge to better equip us in having less of an impact on the Earth, and running a local climate change group to raise the profile via YHCAG.

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