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🌱You can join our community because we are all on a quest for all things eco. Let’s continue to strip back our lives and tread more lightly on the planet. We all have to start somewhere.

🩲We strive every single day to lead a healthier and happier more holistic way of life. With an allotment plot, permaculture lifestyle in our garden and using eco products.

🌿Let’s learn and grow together because working together is much better than working alone.

The words above are just a sample of the kinds of things we are doing. #WeWantToLive and we will do what is necessary to make the #GreenRecovery a reality because we can do this together.

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Are you ready to fight #ClimateChange? So who is with us because what are the other options? Join our community now on Patreon.

If you believe in what the brand does and you know you could do more but don’t have time then Be a Patron for Amie Alissa Design.
The more support we have the more we can do, if you want to get more involved you can, if not you know you are still playing a part in the fight for our planet.

You can join our likeminded community anytime and our favourite way to join our community is to Be a Patron and really get stuck in with things plus you could change your life to something entirely sustainably different! It’s your choice!!

So we have 3 sets of tiers for membership with Patreon that we are super excited to introduce you to (all nine of them!), remember if at any time you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A little video explaining a bit more about the Patreon Tiers!

Starter Eco Supporter – New Tier Announced

Starter Eco Supporter

Do you want to offer support to the Amie Alissa Design Brand but don’t want to get too heavily involved?  Perhaps you are not ready for those big changes yet…Let us carry on with the work and you can know that you are benefiting the planet by enabling us to carry on contributing to charity and conservation work. Your support gives us chance to campaign more and develop ways of reaching other people to spread the message and get everyone involved in changing their ways to help save the planet.

Eco Beginner | Eco Advanced | Eco Expert

This first set of tiers is all about our simple and easy eco steps. With all of these tiers you get exclusive voting power over what the brand produces. What do you deem important for us to be working on? Because we need you to let us know. Supporting this will provide general support for raising awareness.

Eco Beginner


This Eco Beginner Tier is for those of you that would like to support the business and its eco ethos but may not want to get too involved!

So if you are new to all things sustainable then this is the place for you because just dipping your toe in right now is fine.  So come along the journey with us and you will gain insight into how to live a more holistic home life.

Eco Advanced


This Eco Advanced Tier is a wonderful insight to the workings of an eco business with monthly ‘work-in-progress updates’ and you can have your say on issues.

There are many ways we can make a difference. Join the discussions of how we can make simple changes to our lives in order to make true actual and real sustainable choices that make a difference every day. One stitch at a time…

We can’t wait to see you in there and hear your ideas and thoughts for going forward. You can let us know what you would like to see and do in ‘Virtual Repair Cafes’

Eco Expert


This Eco Expert Tier is a wonderful insight to the workings of an eco business. With monthly ‘work-in-progress updates’ you can see what’s happening before others. You can even have your say on issues that are covered! This is where this tier comes in to its own for its members to be featured in blog posts and podcasts!

Get all the Repair Cafe access and fun.

Plus…So Sew Cafe, which is a neat way of doing our bit to reuse and recycle fabric to make new. Reducing our consumption to help out the planet! With supporting this Tier you will be enabling us to create more content in our #slowfashion endeavours…

Reduce Reuse Recycle

You will get a FREE So Sew Cafe in a Bag kit

Get that #slow and #circularfashion on the go now, allowing you to live the holistic sustainable life you dream of…

Repair Cafe | So Sew Cafe | Circular Brand Cafe

One of our trio of tiers is all about our cafes – Repair Cafe, So Sew Cafe & Circular Brand Cafe. They have been tailored for you to create your own bespoke fashion and your #slowfashion journey.

Circular Brand Development

Our 3rd set is for businesses that want to offer a more sustainable approach and make eco changes, for more information on Patreon or visit Circular Brand Development.

Let’s make #circularfashion together helping us create a more #sustainablefuture for all.

Be a Patron

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Our Patreon page features videos on Vimeo, you can check out our Vimeo via the video below for a little taster of the kinds of content that will be shared!

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