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Moments of thought

So the reducing, the reusing, the recycling, the thinking more about how our actions have an impact and how to change simple things so we can feel like we, in our only small and meagre way can believe we truly are having a positive effect on the world around us.

You never know what might happen if you just let things grow, let it have space and room to develop, who knows what it could turn in to!

Awe Inspiring Reflection

So…how to change that, how to increase the effort, how to better the mindset, how to reach the audience and most importantly of all, how to set the wheels in motion and create that action I and many of you crave and long for. Photos by Amie Alissa Watson

How does it all connect…

Look deep into the lagoon…no, deeper than that…

Lyrics Abound

Cant waste any more time or tears, Not another moment. You are everything I feared you not be. You fooled me and everyone, Shame on you, Let them to see the light. I am not lonely, I am now alive, I am free to live the hippy life. Photos by Amie Alissa Watson

Lyrics come flooding

Right, where was I? Oh yes back to the book. I’m just dotting the eyes and crossing the tee’s  to shut you out. Write a list, get it down, Erase the pain.

Im finding my own happiness, it was here all along,

Laying in wait for the time you’d finally gone.

I’ll heal in time and it will rhyme.

It will and I know i’ll be just fine. Photos by Amie Alissa Design

Northern Lights

Dancing is good for the soul. Dictum The words just can’t quite describe the feelings, the sensations, the awe of what happened last night.  I am exhausted and drained and feel like I can not possibly move, but I will and I will go exploring again.  An epic evening that can never be repeated.  Probably the best moment of my life.  The most alone and open.and vast internal and external experience.  An evening and sky full of wonder, full of bright light shining and still. The stars were aligned and clear and bright and visible. The northern lights an arc across the darkest sky. Moving and dancing like they don’t know how to stop.  The most spectacular show on earth. The shooting stars in their plenty. Gazing and capturing with all my might. Holding back the tears in the most freezing cold.  Photos by Amie Alissa Watson


Living life…

Well a bit of travelling, bit of setting up my own design studio and a bit of really getting in to this thing we called life.  Yup I know it sounds crazy, but life is really good, the good, the bad, the entirely ugly, is absolutely awesome and I have been getting me some of it. Photos by Amie Alissa Watson


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