A gentle shift of thought

Now don’t get me wrong, I really don’t want you to feel bad for me, I am good, honestly I am really trying to convince everyone now. I am doing good, life is great. I have found a safe equilibrium in which to live. I have listened to the advice, listened to the soft and kind words from friends and family alike and I can see the truth in life, truth in living and the reason for just being. My life has changed dramatically yes but has it really changed for the worse, hell no! It has flown straight into the biggest and best change that I could ever have conceived. Why you say, well, it just so happens that now I am enabled to do all the things I dream of I long for, they are all within my grasp. A gentle shift of thought, a little nudge here, a rather big boot up the bottom there and here I am, writing a blog, pages from by book, writing songs, playing songs, recording songs, planning my and our future, building the dream, grasping what’s mine, loving wholeheartedly everyone and everything.

So really I can’t complain! I’m on the right spiritual path now, the yellow brick road to my end, my beginning. I am at one with myself, heck I can even tell myself I love you without cringing now. I know I am finally listening to the one, the dearest one ever, she is so close and has been so far for many years. Now today is one of those days that just pushes me that bit further to the other side so today is exactly the day that I need to be wholly, fully and both feet in to the pursuit of life.

Amie Alissa Watson is the founder, writer and creator of ‘In pursuit of life’ blog and podcast. Through the educational slow fashion brand Amie Alissa Design we explore living a more sustainable, ethical, eco & thoughtful life and discover ways to look after the mind. We explore and strive to lead a healthier, happier more holistic way of life. Join me on my quest for all things eco, let’s continue to strip back our lives and tread more lightly on the planet with a healthy heart and mind. Let’s manifest our lives together as one and create the vision, the dreams for a greener slower better world.

Fashion Designer, fashion and textiles lecturer, eco advocate, eco activist, founder of eco businesses Amie Alissa Design, The Refill Shed, Eco Courses plus climate action group YHCAG Yorkshire & Humber Climate Action Group

An ethically minded and empowered individual with a drive to meeting sustainable needs locally.  Running a design business serving the community.  As a family we strive to recycle and do our bit whilst supporting charity, conservation.  We hope to educate others and work towards improving local infrastructure.

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