Broken shadow of who I was meant to be?

Two years ago today I had some life changing surgery. It was my second chance my leap into myself and a way back to the me who had got lost along the way. It was an agonisingly painful and yet beautiful period of time all in one. For me there was only one outcome and it is only of now that I can relish in the significance of it all, as back then I was lost and a slave to what I thought my life was, a working ant on the one route highway. Since that life altering moment I’ve soul searched and re discovered my true self more than twice over. An enlightening unfortunately very serious set of events have led me to now walk down a path more favourably. A road less walked, yet the most familiar walk I’ve ever been on. The sense of deja vu at every turn. The very welcome route back to me. What an awesomely grotesque at times journey that has been, making the lighter moments even brighter, more sparkly more shiny. As I emerge as a butterfly or maybe more fittingly a moth drawn to the bright shiny twinkling lights that excels in the darkness, I can’t help but stop and wonder what if… What if I hadn’t made that incredible decision to have the part of me that kept me wanting, chopped out, removed and incinerated what would have become of the broken shadow of who I was meant to be? I’m not sure that it bears thinking of in actual truth! To it there was more than most will ever comprehend but that one decision was the start of my life.


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