Doubt get lost

Doubt in whatever form, is certainly not welcome here. I have not the time nor the energy for it.  It needs to come and go briefly as of course it exists. I am confident and strong in my standing of who I am and what I am doing.  How I live and love. What is important and what is not. I won’t be the self perpetuating niggle. I won’t be the self deprecating mess as before. I know so much more. I understand things I can only comprehend now in this space and time where I get it, I get me. I love me, I truly embrace myself and who I am, what I mean to others. I have finally integrated that person within so that I now am whole. Anyone that gets close can see every perspective of me, I can’t and won’t close down barriers as it risks too much loss, not enough connection and that just can’t happen.  I can not exist like that and nor should you.

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