Ecstatic unadulterated joy.

So I have been getting sentimental recently and looking back to the person I used to be, the girl I was super proud to be, wishing that was me again. Well I don’t need to wish it, I just need to live it.

I know who I am and what I am capable of and how I want to be so here I am. It is really refreshing and terribly liberating to figure this out, to realise that I had the power all this time.

It’s not too late, it is never too late. All the things you want to do, want to be, want to achieve. Do it…set targets for it, work your way out of anything and everything that you need to, to become your best version.

The more you let go of what you should or shouldn’t be doing the lighter you will feel. No one should have to do anything they don’t want to do, of course in our lives there will be times when we do things we are not truly happy about or with, we just don’t understand the reason yet as to why we have to do it. Usually there is a reason, there is a rhyme.

One things leads to another and once you free your mind to accept this the greater you become, you can see clearly, you can see the wood for the trees. You are the trees, the breeze, the leaves on the ground, the clouds in the sky.

Why not? You experience every single detail of your life like it is the first time. I cried the other day, some of you reading this who know me will say something like ‘well that’s nothing new’ but now my tears are full of joy, ecstatic unadulterated joy.

The Humber Bridge, rainfall, sunshine, rainbows and freedom to experience it all, we are surely all completely blessed? So I cried, I cried like I’d never cried before, pure emotion that could not be contained. So why can’t every moment be just like that, why can’t we feel like that all the time…?

Why, because that’s not living, that’s not being. We need to feel, we feel pain, hurt, joy, love and we are effected by all of these things in different ways in each different moment that we share on this planet. That is just life…get out there, live it and be in that moment whatever that moment is, you will never get another one like it.

Love Amie X

Amie Alissa Watson is the founder, writer and creator of ‘In pursuit of life’ blog and podcast. Through the educational slow fashion brand Amie Alissa Design we explore living a more sustainable, ethical, eco & thoughtful life and discover ways to look after the mind. We explore and strive to lead a healthier, happier more holistic way of life. Join me on my quest for all things eco, let’s continue to strip back our lives and tread more lightly on the planet with a healthy heart and mind. Let’s manifest our lives together as one and create the vision, the dreams for a greener slower better world.

Fashion Designer, fashion and textiles lecturer, eco advocate, eco activist, founder of eco businesses Amie Alissa Design, The Refill Shed, Eco Courses plus climate action group YHCAG Yorkshire & Humber Climate Action Group

An ethically minded and empowered individual with a drive to meeting sustainable needs locally.  Running a design business serving the community.  As a family we strive to recycle and do our bit whilst supporting charity, conservation.  We hope to educate others and work towards improving local infrastructure.

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