Flying high with both an open heart and mind.

The speed the excitement, the drive the freedom. A beautiful sight, to literally be above the clouds peering through, in between and below. What is not to love? I mean seriously! The glory that can become because of simply using our eyes, simply experiencing and cherishing and living in the moment. Sitting back and relaxing into it, letting the force protect us and take us on a journey only you can understand. The complexities of life gone in seconds, left with nothing but wonder at the magnificence of it all. Shame we can’t feel and see like this all the time, but that is just not the way it is. I both realise and relish this now for all it is worth for all it can be when it does exist. Living in your own little world serves its purpose, but every so often you have to take yourself away, allow yourself to live and breathe in the danger of what life is, of what is there, out there in this vast open wonderland we live and breathe in. Breathe deep and exhale right into it.

Photo Credit: Amie Watson

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