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It is unfortunate that when we start to rely on others we end up feeling saddened, disappointed and incredibly discouraged when they let us down. Human nature that’s all it is. The best way to approach it is to not expect anything from anyone, don’t expect them to be there for you and then hopefully you get a nice surprise when someone does exactly that. There are many things that have shaped and changed my life in recent years and some I thought not for the better, seems now in reality that they were for the greater good of me for the reality I am actually living in. Not the dreamworld in my head, not the master plans I come up with all on my own, not the hair brained crazy tangent left field ideas that flow so frequently out of my lovely mouth and around my brain in the wee hours of the morning oh no, no siree! Don’t get me wrong, I am very very stupidly happy in that place, it is very safe you see BUT it is definitely, almost certainly not real life. The stories I’ve played out, the conversations I’ve had, the break ups, the proposals, the show downs, imagining my alternate universe with all the fairytale magic and the twinkly lights that go with it.

However….Really feeling what is happening right now is surely where it’s at, really tasting that burger, really smelling that trump, really embracing a loved one with that hug so tight, really feeling the waves between your toes, really looking using your eyes not a phone or digital device, really kissing someone, really relishing everything that is happening. Wow, now that truly is a powerful thing, a thing of wonder and absolute beauty. Guess what, you’ll never believe it, yes it’s true….you can do it, it’s quite simple to do, in fact it’s child’s play. Experiencing things for the first time, just like a baby or toddler, their eyes wide open in wonder embracing everything the world has to offer. What happened to us all? Why did we leave that behind? What were we thinking? Learning new things, our pure hunger and thirst for anything and everything. I’m off to go and get a little bit of that back…see you soon!

Amie x

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