Is there such a thing as calm equilibrium?

What is with all these late night awakenings? Why the strangest and most horrible dreams nay nightmares and why are they coming in thick and fast every night, building with such a force that I don’t know how to stop them. 

Surely this is just running over old ground, I’m sure I dealt with most of this before? Why oh why? As the old saying goes that as one thing in your life starts to go well, something in turn has to go wrong, terribly wrong.  Its written in the stars you know. 

That is very Bridget Jones of me to say and I’m all about that.  It’s all about balance though isn’t it, life?

So to try and get the balance more level I have begun to intensely seek out sleep and bedtime meditations that will in turn settle me and bring me to a safer more calmer equilibrium and allow me to awaken again in the dawn of the day to a brighter less exhausted outlook! 

I think last night I might have even cracked it.  For the first time this morning in just under a month I woke up, turned off my bedtime alarm and felt at ease in my self with enough energy to not pull the covers straight back over my head. 

Maybe it is just this time of year that I feel like this, after the festive season which took quite a toll on me mentally and physically so much that I needed to shut down a little, but now I am fully prepared to get straight back on it. 

Sorting myself out as it were.  I am now shifting gears and stepping things up. It’s great, hopefully i’ll be back in bed for 9pm tonight, maybe earlier, who knows, the choice is mine! Well sort of!  

Photo Credit: Amie Watson

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