Lets get back to being In Pursuit of Life

How to get back to beng in pursuit of life
Lyrics written during a recording session in 2019

Reflection is needed

Now I reckon what it all comes down to, once everything is in perspective. What feels right, what you know is right and living the life, a life you feel proud of.  One you can reflect back upon and go ah yes I did it the right way, the only way. For me anyway.  

It can’t be right for everyone, it won’t be right for everyone.  That remains to be seen, just because someone else does it that way or the other.  Does not mean it is the right way to conduct yourself.  I mean if we say that then that means that everyone’s way is right, or at the very least right for them.  

Getting perspective!

That is what I’m coming to, about perspective, about seeing it from the right view point, an outlook that makes sense, the moral compass allowed to go its own way and find the right path for you as an individual.  We are all taught in many different ways, we all learn in different ways too and within all sorts of beguiling environments.  Not one way is correct, not one path is defined as being THE WAY, merely just a series of events that happen for each individual in entirely separate circumstance in every instance.  None are foretold, none are set in stone.  Things are fluid and change through choice, through circumstance, through manifestation.  

What are you saying!

So Amie what are you actually getting at?  Now that is a very good question and I am not entirely sure I have the answer, I mean isn’t that the thing, that none of us really have the answer, we are all just guessing, finding a path that looks familiar, making a route that suits us, following our hearts, choosing our minds way to see the truth and beauty in the life we are living.

In any case, do I need to be getting at anything in particular?  Perhaps not this time…perhaps I just need to write. Perhaps it has been too long since I last wrote and you heard.  

In conclusion

I have been particularly busy, not physically but mentally.  I am always doing so much, whether it be working, family stuff with the kids, proceeding with enjoying life, seeing people, doing things I love…all those things are always happening but its the things you don’t see people doing that in general seem to have the greatest bearing on you, on your heart and mind.  Well it is those kind of things that have been keeping me busy lately and I am happy with that.  I would rather be like that…it is just that I worry sometimes that that means I can’t be fully present that I am not being fully present, following my Aquarian traits to the core and I know that can be the worst thing for me to do.

How to get back to beng in pursuit of life

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