What does life look like as we move rapidly from Autumn into Winter?

It is important that we all carefully consider what our lives will look like when we reach the end of October 2020.  Where do we want to be? How do we want to be living our life? How do we want our existence to be? 

Do we simply want to head back to some sort of normal life.  Resume play as if the last six months didn’t really happen? I do realise for a lot of people not as much has changed and for others their changes have been way more extreme than mine and ours.  

We definitely need to think collectively, to figure out a safe and sure way of seeing us through and adapting wisely to the new unknown path ahead.

The last few days have felt cloudy with doubt, fear and a huge lack of self confidence has been looming over me.  Is this because of the impending ‘back to normal’? Is it just a general funk because I still don’t see how things are going to pan out? Do I believe that my life will return in some guise? Do I actually want it to return to that that was? Could I cope with life then? Did I really have it figured out? 

Well the general answer to all of those questions is like a NO and a resounding YES really.  I feel like many others utterly confused, entirely befuddled and absolutely ready to slap and step out of this alternative reality.  However the reality I have been in has been completely welcome in our lives.  Apart from the worry about whether my job should and would be available for me at the end of this, that new reality has been pretty much close to the mark of how I believe life should be lived.

Because of this funk and the kids being away, decided I need to get out and shake this wholly rubbish funk off and although it took a while to get my head in the game I did, had the most mind blowing and exhaustive birding walk at Alkborough Flats and well what a thing to do to make you stop and not think but look, be aware of everything and anything around you. Well safe to say it worked…to a certain degree. Look Rome wasn’t built in a day was it?!

Walking it off at Alkborough Flats in my Ecotricity/Vivienne Westwood T-Shirt
Photo Credit: Amie Watson

Part of me at the moment, wants to pack up and leave and travel and live and experience everything.  Part of me is striving to make my online business and brands and websites work for me to make the money to live that holistic way with freedom in abundance.  Part of me knows that is not the norm and that is not so acceptable.  Just deciding to take the kids on the road, homeschool (school of life) as we go.  Oh gosh even as I write that I get tingles and want to start packing! Wanderlust-gone-mad at the minute.  What I am never too sure of though is if it is wanderlust or escape that I am on the hunt for. As there may be a very slim line between them both!

But considering the future, considering the next actions, is a very important step.  I need to use the right tools in order to get this a bit clearer in my head.

So what does life look like as we catapult through Autumn in to Winter, which as I write is really not very far away!? 

Decision made, what we need to do is to be clear about what a typical morning, afternoon, evening, day, week and month will look like.  Alternatively look at the two opposites of how we think it will be and how we want it to be! Then somehow pick one to focus on, perhaps meditate on and let the universe decide!

Today is the first day of a free meditation course from one commune that I am going to be doing.  Which is to do exactly that that we need.  To regain sense of self and knock out all the fear and stuff that holds us back and work out how to move forward. Strive closer to our goals.  Which are ever increasingly fading. Going from being ultra vibrant to gently muted, this happens over time yet it’s not like that’s what we want to happen it just does.  Being aware of that and putting a gentle nudge in the direction of getting back on track is all that’s needed to steer back to the right road…she says! 

Alkborough Flats at Dusk

I am grateful and thankful for having my blog and my opportunities to write.

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