Why live the good life?

So what does it all mean and why am I bothering, why are any of us bothering?

Well…Let me explain

Why not live the good life?  What a question.  Let’s first understand what the good life is and what that means for us?  Take it as this… the stripped back life that allows us to provide for ourselves and sustaining how we live.  For example providing and growing our own food.  Making our own food from scratch with what we have.  Having the things we need around us and most of all making do and mending everything around us.  The old beg steal and borrow is a similar sort of ethos to this too.

Are you ready to start your eco journey?

Do you want to live an eco life? Do you always feel like you need to do more?

That was me over two years ago when I decided enough was enough and that I had to take action. I have never looked back on my eco journey. Now I want to help you with simple changes you can make to live your ultimate sustainable dream. We are here to help you live your ultimate sustainable dream with simple changes and so many opportunities for eco learning right here! We are with you every step of the way.

Bell Tent in our Re-Wilded Garden.
Photo Credit: Lewisworks

We feel like it is important to mention at this point that you may not actually feel quite ready for this change, or you may just feel like perhaps you don’t have the time or the money to invest in it. Well that is absolutely fine. You don’t need too until you are ready. Only you can know when that is going to be right. Only you can make the decisions that will alter your life for good. Only you can feel into that and know that it is all going to be okay. Like I said, we are with you every step on this journey, and if I do only one thing right on this planet with this madness I will have helped shape your view and assisted in you living a greener more sustainable life. Then I will be ultimately over the moon, happy as Larry and will feel like it was all worthwhile.

But there is no pressure for me, from us, from anyone but yourself. I ask you this one thing though that if you do have that burning passion, that niggling thought that just won’t leave you that you please please please for the sake of everyone pleasey pleasey please put something into action.

After going through a heck of a lot of mind games with my self, making myself feel bad and worrying but feeling helpless I know what it is like. I also very much know that none of that fear or worrying makes any difference and will only make you feel bad. The rest of the world will carry on as normal and you will be left wanting. So if you are sat reading this, perhaps pondering over feeling in exactly the same way then I urge you, nay I must assure you that it is worth it. That you should do something. The fear does disappear, the worry of how people may perceive you WILL disappear and you can have an impact on others in much the same way. It really only can serve a brilliant purpose for yourself, us humans, animals, the planet etc etc. I hope you get what I am trying to say?!

One more thing to mention is that it is not about the amount of money or even time that you invest in doing all this. The main thing is being true to yourself and how you feel about it all. Once you get over that, it becomes natural, the consequences of the money and the time that are invested into this, are almost meaningless. They go undetected really. I don’t feel like investing in charities that are helping save the planet as a ‘waste of money’ anymore. My mindset has totally changed and I almost always feel like whatever I do do is still not enough be it giving my time or my money over to the cause. Hence why I do this really (in a nutshell). But… I do not want to be that whiny person that you try and avoid in the street because she is going to give you a lecture on not being eco enough. Well I won’t ever do that. That is certainly not the way. Hey if you do feel like that when you see me or any membership fundraiser or someone working for a worthy cause. The only reason you feel that is because of your own fear and your own guilt because deep down you know you should help, you know that you could do more. You definitely know that what they are saying or what they stand for actually means something you are just too afraid to admit that. Letting people see that more vulnerable side of you, of us is a pretty tough and rough ride but totally liberating on the other side too!!

What else can I say? I know exactly why I do every single little piece of it. Why it keeps me up all night. Why I have to role with every idea that comes to me to get the message out. Why I believe that if I don’t do it no-one else will. Why I can’t and won’t stop until I have done everything I can.

So again if any of this triggers a little something within you, even a little tiny bit of something, then maybe just maybe you could look into making one change, one difference to your life. Make you feel good, you are doing something and in the same breath will relieve that feeling of guilt. I am going to say though that this is a bumpy ride and once you are on, I am guessing like me you may never get off, hopefully anyway!

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Photo Credit: Amie Watson

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