Lyric Eighteen written by Amie Alissa Watson

Don’t you doubt me,

Don’t think that I can’t,

Don’t make me do this,

Don’t make me be that way,

I am greater than you or anyone,

You have no idea.

Why do you have to do that?

So you want to offend me,

Let’s make it clear,

I can do it,

I am more capable than you will ever see.

I’ll never show, I don’t need to display,

You won’t see until it is too late,

You will miss out.

I won’t be made to feel like that,

I’ll stand my guard,

Just more words of encouragement,

That slap me right back in to place.

You can’t do that,

You can’t keep up,

You just watch me fly.

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0 thoughts on “Lyric Eighteen written by Amie Alissa Watson

  1. Don’t take this the wrong way but do you have times when your back is so against the wall that your inner self comes out all guns blazing to protect you and you have the elation of feeling all superior, like you can do anything or is it just me? Well the news is you really can do anything and it’s only our own fears that hold us back.

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