Moments of glory.

There are so many things in life that you can not predict, that you simply can not apprehend.  Such beautiful simplicities that take you utterly by surprise.   This trip we are on together has come without its surprises as to be expected, somethings just will be glorious and others that won’t, some harder than others, some brighter and lighter that is just the way it is but it takes those extra special extra magic moments that should be cherished the most, they need to be held with a firm grip, but you only spot them if your eyes are wide open, if you have it in you to be open to receive.  I’m not sure that everything happens for a reason yet yesterday that seemed exactly what the plan for us was, we needed to be exactly where we were at each moment.  It has been the most glorious and memorable visit to date with the kids, it as a I said was expected.  The moment of anticipation as the coach zoomed along on the motorway, 25 miles to go now things are getting started! Seeing the simple sign, not metaphorically this time but the actual real sign to Disneyland.  I mean who knew that would be a thing, the most precious of all.  The part that made my holiday before it had even begun.  The preemptive singing of my eldest child and his utter excitement as he shouted in his best loud voice, ‘its Mickey’ to everyone else on that long winded vehicle. Ive never seen him that way before, such a shy little thing usually, not in that moment, throwing caution to the wind and singing his little heart out to our newly learned song, he thoroughly embraced it in all its entirety and it was beautiful to see.  The hugging, his grip so tight on the littlest with her cries of ‘I’m not Mickey you know’ followed by laughter and giggles and even more singing. A glorious sight to see.

We were sat on a boat ride that went into a building with music and puppets and dancing it was beautiful and alive and full of joy until ‘for technical difficulties’ we stopped and it was cold, it was lacklustre, we gazed at the spectacle around us and made the most of that long section of time but still that feeling creeps in ‘I’m bored’ we all are but we needed to stay patient, not much else you can do.  We escaped that ride finally and were ushered out the back entrance.  Kids totally unhappy saying such things as ‘we have had to leave Disney now and we didn’t even get to see any Princesses’ I think she actually thought that was it, no more fun for us, this ride had closed us down, finished us off, we had only been in there an hour maybe two, surely they wouldn’t do that to us?!  We were rushed towards these French voices asking us to go this way and that.  ‘Its okay kids, we are in the best part of the park, the part that only the luckiest get to see, its called backstage, where the magic happens’ I told them as I looked arounds seeing the mess of the place, and then as if by my own bloody magic there she was in all her red headed glory, Ariel the blooming Little Mermaid being whisked from the area into the spotlight! I knew right then in that moment why the ride had stopped as Eadie, compelled without reason chased Ariel along the street back in to the park, what a wonderful sight.  Unfortunately she was ‘too busy’ to stop, so we kept following her in all our excitement until she was gone into her special princess place.  We went about our day and I wanted to go and check where the nearest toilets were, in all the excitement things had started moving for us.  We asked a guide and stood back as this large wooden door swung open with the red headed beauty once again before us, she shimmered past us, looked at the kids and said ‘hello little starfishes’.  Wow what a glorious point in time.  All of it set in motion without really trying.  That is the joy, the unexpected, the unrecorded moments that really make us all.  The memories of a time that could never be recovered, never be reinvented and certainly unlikely to ever be repeated.  The best moments of life, you could not write it and you could not predict it but there we were exactly when it did.

Photo Credit: Amie Watson

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