My very dear Watson

So I know it has been a very long time since I wrote a blog but don’t be fooled into a false sense of security, don’t think I have not been in the pursuit of life.  On the contrary my very dear Watson, I have been alternately right in the absolute thick of it, actually living it and therefore writing about it has been less of a need for me…until today when here it is all flooding back in. It comes like a wave crashing in to the shore and I love it when it does.  I have no choice but to sit back, lie down, engage with it and just write.  Im there just saying ‘ okay, okay, give me a minute, let me process and then I can write it’ my head is like ‘oh no young lady you can’t have time to think about it, process it, no we do not have time for any of that malarkey, this, right now, needs to be written or else!!’

Alright, alright I am doing it….

Photo Credit: Lee Beel

So back to why and where and how of what I have been pursuing since we last were acquainted.  Well a bit of travelling, bit of setting up my own design studio and a bit of really getting in to this thing we called life.  Yup I know it sounds crazy, but life is really good, the good, the bad, the entirely ugly, is absolutely awesome and I have been getting me some of it.  Safe to say now though, that I am back (for now) and look forward to weaving many a more new tale with you.  In fact we sew need to do that.  Perhaps this will give us a new design for life. Peace and namaste y’all x

Photo Credit: Amie Watson

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