My writing journey starts here

So here is where it begins, well not exactly where it begins so to speak … well technically it started before now but this is the moment you begin to get to share it with me!

I have been writing words, poems, thoughts, lyrics etc for many many years, you know the saying when it gets a bit tough, write about it, might make you feel better they said.  So I did….

Then they said talk about it, might make you feel better.  When I talked about things, people would say hey you couldn’t make that sort of stuff up… it’s somewhat confusing for my little mind, quite a simple soul really.  So do I write or talk or do both? I mean what you say what? 

So anyways… I did decide to do a bit of both and some, I decided to write the theme tune, sing the theme tune, etc etc. 

I’ve written reams of words over the years, mainly sets of lyrics for songwriting.  Have I ever done anything with any of them, well not quite, but that is the plan, that is the next big thing.  I realised however that I have far too many sets of lyrics to probably ever use them all.  Instead I decided to write a book about the trials and tribulations of my almost comical edge of your seat thriller kind of life over the last year or so and I suddenly realised, what a great way to explain my thoughts and feelings, no better way to do that than to include all said lyrics within this book, wa hey, now we are talking.  A way to use them all and to explain things as I go along in a much more succinct manner.

I wanted to include a note in here about why I thought it important to write this, indeed any of this or also why write at all….well it’s basically a great form of therapy for me to help me get through the final most painful stages of this part of my life.  A way of regaining some control over the situation, a way of working methodically through the words I have written in terms of songs to see which need to become actually sung songs and ones that can be preserved but never used in public! A way for me to move forward with my life, regain composure and look and leap forward with a spring in my step, comedy at my side and to know that with writing this and putting it out there that I could help even just one other person to feel lighter about themselves and their situation, for them to know they are not on there own, for them to feel enough to know that life is very much worthwhile pursuing, it’s true honestly. I can’t tell you how true that is just like this, so I’m afraid you’ll have to keep reading and keep hoping.  Yours forever Amie always in pursuit of life x

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