Our letter of hope…


My name is Amie and I have two young children. A seven year old boy and a five year old girl. We currently live in Barton-Upon-Humber renting a property we are not particularly happy in but we are making the most of it. We are hoping to buy a little piece of land somewhere local that we can call home. A farm, field, paddock, brownfield site, old car park, garage, shed, disused barn or woodland. A place we can build our dream life together. We want to have a little small holding with chickens, ducks, a goat or two. Keep a beehive if we can and generally enjoy the good life. Having our own veg patch, grow our own salad and herbs. I’d love to run both of my own businesses from there too, singing teacher and holistic therapy along with the potential for running workshops within the space to inspire others to work with land and live a better life for the future of this earth. We hope to have a temporary dwelling to call home and we have looked at all sorts of ways of building ourselves a house and home using a double decker bus, storage containers or lorry backs. We are struggling however to find a piece of land that we can afford. We don’t have that much money and I really don’t want to get a mortgage and put us into mass debt again by doing so. We don’t need a huge space just an acre would do. More if possible but none the less we would make that work for us. Easy access via a gate and track or something similar would be ideal. We ideally need it to be either gifted to us or cost no more than £5,000. If you know of any land that you think might be suitable or you have land that fits this then please contact us to chat further. We really appreciate you giving it some thought. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks and Kind Regards

Amie and the kids xxx


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