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Well what a day I have had and it is not even 9am yet! Woke up so early, done two meditations and a morning yoga, impressive hey! Until I lost it completely, over the top with emotion because of something that really was not worth getting so upset about. I feel remorse and sadness about my reactions, although sometimes you can’t help it, sometimes you need to let that emotion out to feel everything about it. It is no good keeping it in, it is way too toxic and would surely destroy all the good work you or I have done on building ourselves up.

Strange how feeling so positive one minute and then suddenly so powerless and consumed by anger, fear and doubt with the next breath.

But hey that is living as we have discovered on this journey together because we are together aren’t we, we stand as one in the face of adversity, truly we do. We lose that sometimes but we come together when it truly matters, when it counts, when it means something more than just ourselves.

I love you all, remember that. You are loved by many, some you know, some you don’t. You may have lost but you are still loved, no one can ever take that from you. You are never on your own. Reach out to the people you feel connected to, to the people that get you, that make you tick. Live your life the right way, your way but include others.

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