We are on our way!

Here we are at Grantham services sat waiting for some more holiday makers to board our coach.  That has to be one of the worst parts of a journey or trip when you are not the one in the driving seat, both physically and metaphorically, waiting for others, which I usual am, so this is quite a change for me, sitting back letting someone else take the strain. 

I just need to sit here with my cheeky little friends Ariel and Harry and relax.  Before you say anything no I have not forgotten the names of my children due to a serious lack of sleep, a risk I have taken today but no no no…they are just dressed as The Little Mermaid and Harry Potter obviously as you do on a long coach journey. 

When I say long I mean long! Think the kids have only just realised what I meant when I said we have a full day travelling by bus, ha ha ha! Although i’ll be laughing on the other side of my face when I’m the one that has to contain and entertain them both later on in the journey. For now though I have two other friends and they are known as iPad and tablet they really help me out sometimes when I need it! 

By the way, I have been awake since 3am this morning which is only 2 hours earlier than my usual new wake up regime but still I am definitely feeling it now.  On the plus side we are on our way to Disneyland so best not complain too much hey! Im not sure who is more excited at all, me or the kids? No, sorry, hold the phone, wait a minute, I got it, I know the answer to that question and wonder who  I am trying to kid!  

We have seen a beautiful sun rise this morning, kids were like, ‘what, there is dark in the morning too and then it is light, woah?!’ The Little Mermaid then added ‘so Disneyland will be open now then won’t it, if it is morning?’ ‘No Ariel it is only 5.15 in the morning, they won’t have opened yet!’, ‘no Mummy if it is morning it will be open now’, ‘okay honey well you know best!’.

Since my trip to Copenhagen for my birthday in February 2018 this will be the first in a great line up of trips for this forthcoming year and it is looking absolutely epic on the travel front, therefore hopefully ticking off five more places from my extensive but not exhausted list!

I did not quite grasp the extent that I love travel until recently.  It turns out that I am really really, I mean really into it, a bit shall we say addicted.  I love the thrill of booking, looking forward to and seeing something new, undiscovered territory makes me so nervous but ever so excited. 

The buzz of reaching the peak, touching the stone, walking the roads, feeling the breeze somewhere previously gazed at only in photographs.  The thrill of the journey up, along, out, across. The movement of self towards fresh inspiration, a breath of fresh air, the experiences that bring you back home to yourself and yet at the same time open you up to a world filled with total and utter possibilities.  What could be better than that? Seriously!!   

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