Jack of all trades and master of none – What will you pick?

Amie In Pursuit of Life

In Pursuit of Life Podcast and Blog talks about our unused skills. Are we living our true life in our best sense? What defines you? How will you live your life?

As we enter this space for discussion, to find meaning in our lives. What will you pick? I am intrigued to find out…

Amie In Pursuit of Life

I have been told far too many times to mention that I am a serial Jack of all trader and a master of none. What can I say, it’s hard to make a decision to say which one thing you want to pick and stick at and do well at when you are so good at so so many things.

That isn’t even me being big headed, that is definitely defiantly not me! It’s just kind of true and it has only come to light recently that it is okay to feel like that, it is in fact healthy to be confident in those that you can do. Instead of the age old, those that can or can’t….teach. Although that is also appropriate for me as a seasoned Fashion and Textiles lecturer, I really can’t comment any further on that!

You know it feels very nice in fact to be able to say I’m good at this and that oh and this to. Very rarely do I come across anyone that isn’t impressed a little by all of it, if some are also a little surprised! That is great, to make people feel a little taken aback. It’s somewhat powerful. I need it.

I am a creative individual through and through…as a fashion designer, a lecturer, a singer songwriter and a mother everything I do is creative and craving of something that you can only get from the feeling of being and doing the creative exploits.

That is why some people think I am a little (just a little) off the wall, they can’t quite understand and I don’t blame them. I find it hard to follow sometimes. Some just totally get it without saying a word [CN].

Saying all that… I have realised something very integral to the reason and the rhyme of it all and I have finally actually chosen the one thing that I am going to pick, the one thing I am going to give my all, the one thing that will take precedent over anything else, the one thing that will realise all my dreams, the one thing that can provide the love and creative energy that I crave, the one thing that is responsible for the reason I am living on this amazing thing we call earth….

I Pick Life…..

I will continue to do everything to live that life to the full, we get one chance people, one tiny little chance. What are you waiting for?

Amie x

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