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We take an ethical & environmentally-minded approach. 

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Why choose So Sew Café?

Join me in the So Sew Café for live tutorials for pattern cutting and sewing with an eco-minded approach. I will talk about how you can recycle fabrics and use what you have around you to make lovely like new things! 

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General Support for So Sew Café

So Sew Café is a neat way of doing our bit to re-use and recycle fabric to make new, reducing our consumption to help out the planet! 

With supporting this Tier you will be enabling us to create more content for you to follow in your own Slow Fashion endeavours

Through providing some basic bits of kit, as well as easy-to-follow instructions with advice via our online videos, live events and groups, you will learn all the skills needed to get you up and running, it will help enable you to be pattern cutting and sewing your own sustainable clothes allowing you to get that wardrobe up to date in an eco way! 

You can be in charge of what you wear and how you wear it! Get that slow and circular fashion on the go now, allowing you to live the holistic sustainable life you dream of… Reduce Reuse Recycle

Following your first monthly payment you will be sent your FREE So Sew Café in a Bag kit. This sewing kit is brought to you by Amie Alissa Design.

We can’t wait to see you in there and hear your ideas and thoughts for going forward. You can let us know what you would like to see & do in ‘Virtual So Sew Cafés’

Join the So Sew Café now…

Through providing some basic bits of kit, as well as easy-to-follow instructions and advice via our So Sew Café videos and live events, you’ll learn all the skills needed to get you up and running pattern cutting and sewing your own eco & sustainably minded clothes… and get really ethically creative with it!

We specialise in bespoke design, manufacturing and alterations for any garment or fabric item that you may need recycling, as well as provide fun and engaging online learning for all.

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