Bio-d, Fragrance Free Laundry Liquid – 5 Litres plus Pump


Eco fragrance free laundry liquid from Bio-d based in Hull.

A great eco product the won’t fail to make you see the best way to an eco home life.

We supply in 5 litre bottles with a pump for easy use.  You only need 2-3 pumps each time you put a load on!

Up to 125 washes per bottle!!!

Available on back-order


Bio-d Fragrance Free Laundry Liquid

A sustainable little step to an eco home life

  • Vegan, Cruelty Free, Suitable for Septic Tanks, Pet Friendly, Ethical Consumer Best Buy, Allergy UK, 100% recycled Post consumer waste bottle
  • Made in the UK (HULL)

Get 5 Litres plus a handy pump for only £30.00

Our fragrance-free Laundry Liquid is accredited by Allergy UK; its super-gentle but super-effective concentrated formula (25 washes/L!) can be used at low temperatures and for washing delicate fabrics by hand. Save cash and plastic by ordering our larger sizes!

5-15%: Potassium Cocoate, Nonionic Surfactant. Below 5%: Anionic Surfactant, Sodium Citrate, Amphoteric Surfactant, Citric Acid.




Always follow the instructions on the garment label. Pour liquid into machine dispenser or wash ball.

Soft Water:
Normal Soiling – 40ml
Heavy Soiling – 50ml
Handwash (10L) – 30ml

Medium Water:
Normal Soiling – 50ml
Heavy Soiling – 60ml
Handwash (10L) – 30ml

Hard Water:
Normal Soiling – 60ml
Heavy Soiling – 80ml
Handwash (10L) – 40ml

Try mixing with warm water to clean up any mishaps on carpets. You can also be used it to pre-soak stubborn stains before washing.

Currently there is a huge demand for packaging across the board, including 100% post-consumer waste bottles. This means that some of our bottles may be provided in virgin plastics for a short period of time.  We’d like to reassure customers that we will be limiting our use of virgin plastics as much as possible and that this packaging is still fully recyclable through your kerbside collections.

Bottle – 100% rHDPE or HDPE, Cap -PP

  Driven to create a cleaner environment, Bio D are a family owned company that produce environmentally responsible, ethically sound, hypoallergenic cleaning products that don’t cost the earth. Most domestic cleaning products cause damage to the environment, and to humans, but all the Bio D products are designed to have minimal environmental impact and be safe for us to use.

Bio-d and their history, such a great story and an interesting brand and they are based in Hull, so even better to support local business and less miles for travel.  Everyone’s a winner!!


Items will be delivered to you without additional packaging where possible.  All eco products sold will be put in to one reusable recycled brown paper bag.  Or even better and we much prefer you to come with your own reusable bag to fill it up and take it away yourself.

Delivery is free to your door when you spend £10 within the local radius or you can come and collect at your own convenience.  Contact us to arrange a time to make sure we will be available.  Would not want you to waste your time and journey!  Whatever suits you!!  

Unfortunately we are unable to deliver outside of the following areas at the moment.  

Delivery and or Collection included for The Low Villages, Barton-Upon-Humber, Brigg and Elsham.  Other locations may be available please ask at time of purchase.  

Nothing will be sent by post.  Keeping the miles down and keeping it local is the main reason for this little venture.  This is an eco, personable local delivery and collection service.

If you want to know any other information we are really friendly and all you need do is ask.

Perhaps you haven’t seen our website yet, find out even more about what we are doing for the fight to save the planet.  We have plenty going on and we love to share, we really do!

amie & the team x




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